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Bush Kit - Genuine LR

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Is there anyone who sells a complete, genuine or OEM bush kit ?

I can find shed loads on neon, glow in the dark poly kits but i just want rubber gear :lol:

All i want is a genuine (knight rider black) kit. Please.

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Land Rover?

possibly they might but i can't find a part code for a kit. If I thought there was one i would have asked Western. Seems strange that theres loads of poly kits an nobody sells the equivalent rubber kit. Well at least not until someone suggests somewhere that does. Looks like its a hole in the market. (not meerkat)

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Sorry I wasn't being flippent, have you called Land Rover? I actualy find they can be fairly helpfull, well my local one is (Lancaster Reading) the parts guy is pretty good on his defender bits, and will say if there is a Kit or if it's cheaper to buy the bits on their own.

I know that when SiWhite was rebuilding his 110 he found this to be the same, so not just a one off.

It's a funny thing we often look all over for parts trying to save a few quid and often forget to check with Land Rover asuming that they will be very expensive, when sometimes this is not the case. I always get between 10-15% discount from them, just for asking or have even got more off when I can show another LR dealer has a special offer etc.


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No probs didn't think you were. :) To be honest i don't usually try them as every time i have they are expensive (i must barter a bit next time). Recently i've just sort of settled for Island4x4 and BritCar with the local specialist (was Roberts Country Vehicles) getting small small bits now and again. All three are excellent with Island being super quick at delivery and cheap!

I was going to Email Brit Car and do what you said just before i posted this thread. I will also do the same at the main stealers unless someone can come up with someone with pre packaged kits. I get the feeling it won't be cheap for Genuine. :o

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There aren't that many bits if you order them as separate items. You don't say what vehicle you are working on but here's a list of the suspension rubberware for a 1990 90:

2 x ANR4189 - Bump stop - Rear

2 x ANR4188 - Bump stop - Front

4 x NTC7307 - Front radius arm bush (axle end)

4 x NRC4514 - Front radius arm bush (chassis end)

2 x NRC4516 - Plain washer

2 x NRC4515 - Cup washer

2 x ANR3410 - Panhard rod bush

2 x NTC1772 - Rear radius arm bush (axle end)

2 x NTC9027 - Rear radius arm mount (chassis end)

2 x NTC1773 - Rear suspension link bush (chassis end)

There is also the A-frame joint (axle end) but I did not have to replace mine so I don't know what the number is.

I don't have a list of the nuts and bolts since Paddocks sell these as kits:

DEF1SUSFR/B - Front bolt kit

DEFSUSRR/B - Rear bolt kit

I'd check these numbers before you actually put down any cash, but hopefully this list will give you a good start.


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i ordered a genuine bush kit from paddocks just before my mot so i had them at home incase it failed on any. i think i still have the whole lot, they are in britpart bags but the part numbers do end in g usually indicating OEM if you want them i'll dig them out. PM me.

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I managed to put together a original rubbers kit myself of fleebay, but when I actually got round to fitting some and found out how hard it was to install new "rubbers" myself, I binned that idea and went for polybushes. I didn't have handy a million ton press to get em in :)

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I've just ordered a kit from mailorder4x4 with a load of other stuff. I'll see what they are like and if the look naff they'll go on Ebay or i'll return em. £20 for the kit. Last time i used this supplier they supplied Bearmach parts and the visa bill said Bearmach PLC. We'll see.

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