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Discovery heater fan switch

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I'm having great difficulty finding the part number (or even it's correct name) for the actual switch that controls the fan speed on the heater/aircon on a Discovery 1.

It's a '95 300Tdi and we need to change the switch as it's 1) not working properly and 2) the contacts at the back are poor.

The knob looks identical to BTR 6494 but the switch PRC 5436 is not the one. The one we have "mended" is marked "Siemens" and has vertical contacts on the rear onto which a connector fits. It pushes into the fascia and just clicks into place. The control knob slides horizontally. I can't find it on Microcat and hope someone here may be able to help. I'd post a picture of the old one except it's in Spain and I'm now in England.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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That's the module we took out and it's the black oblong switch top right in both pictures that's gone. It comes out quite easily as it just clips in so I'm hoping I can get it separately. At least I now have something to show parts places.

Thank you. :)


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Armed with the pictures and part numbers I went to my local main agent. From the pictures etc he soon found what i needed BUT you have to buy the complete unit for about £80. <_< Same with my local independent.

You can buy all the knobs separately but not the actual switches.

Luckily I've found a breakers that has the whole unit for significantly less. Just hope the switch works.

Again thanks for the help, it got me on the right track.


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