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Fitting the lt230

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Hi guys

last time, the dealer installed the new (overhauled by LR) transfer box on my 110 Puma. For the purpose he took the whole bunch of gears from the top of the tcase (main shaft it is called I think). Anyway it is the shaft that connects the Tcase with the gearbox, in order to fit the latter`s output shaft into the Tcase.

Question: by doing this procedure are all tolerances and original torques lost?


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i think you mean he had to take the input gear out the transfer box that slide on to the output shaft of the gearbox. in order to remove the input gear you only have to remove 5/6 bolts on the back of the transfer box that hold on a cover plate. it then slides out. I dont beleive any tolerances or torque values are lost by doing this. obviously the bolts that hold the plate on and the transfer box to the gearbox should have all been torqued back up to the required values. hope this is some help.

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