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Unleaded or super unleaded

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As above really, have got a 1996 4.6 former GEMS RV8 engine (now rnning on Megas*$te) What is the prefered fuel for this set up? unleaded 95 RON or super 97 RON ?


Been there and done that on a rolling road ............

In the UK use 95RON ........... the difference is that you can give it a bit more advance with 97RON but the difference in performance is negligible............. both runs we set the timing to MBT (Max Best Torque = Min Best Timing)

However, when in mainland Europe, always use 97 RON as they don’t seem to have the additives we do and you may (will) find that you will get bad spark knock (pinging or pinking ..... call it what you like).

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