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How do I remove safari snorkel?

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I've just taken mine off, remove the five bolts around the air intake and any holding it onto the windscreen pillar, simple job really.

as for the vent:

if you don't have one to hand, either use some kind of small holed mesh (not pretty but will do the job)

make one out of some flat ally sheet, making sure there are plenty of holes in it (as i've just done)

buy one from a local shop or off the net, shouldn't be too much.

if you want to fill the holes i've just used some Unibond liquid metal, stuck really well, dried in five minutes and was easy to sand and paint.

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Unlike a genuine Safari Snorkle which replaces the original intake & hose I suspect you are only missing the grill and have a few holes to fill?

As already stated fill the holes & paint (you could use rivets if you don't mind the look) and buy a new grill, very cheap and not worth sourcing a S/H one.

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Haha thanks guys. Looks like Romford is the cheapest/easiest option.. i'm off!

I thought i'd need a replacement gasket/seal too, but looks like the grille is enough. Anybody got one they took off to add a snorkel?

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Like I said in my earlier post, they are so cheap you might as well just buy new from your local dealer.

Part No. BTR6188. New/genuine £2.87 inc VAT.

By the time you have given someone a couple of £ for their old one and then paid the P&P it will have cost more than a new one. :D

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