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Larger Rad for V8 Auto


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Hi all,

I need to buy a new rad for my 1997 V8 disco with autobox as my old rad has got a big hole in it, even rad weld has failed to plug this one :( I am sure i read on a forum sometime ago about being able to get a thicker cored radiator?? Just wondered if anyone knew anything about it or where i could find one?



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Your location in your profile would help :P

Mine and a few others have been made/recored by Wessex Radiators, at Lowford in Hampshire. They use the widest fin spacing they can get, thicker cores, arranged in straight lines (so there are clear gaps all the way through) and they run the cores as deep as they can (some LR rads the end tanks are ~15mm fatter than the fitted core depth). Holds more water than standard and doesn't clog up. I think the core they use is earthmover/plant based.

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Cheers guys, in the end i managed to find a guy in Leicester who worked for a rad making company in the day and recored radiators in his spare time. He even had one hed already done so it was straight exchange job in the end, and all for the sum total of £50 with 3 months warrenty, bargain or what! Already done about 300 miles on it and its loads better!

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