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Spark plug advice for 3.9litre Efi V8


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Time for a new set of plugs on the old nas90. I have always used NGK plugs for the past 25 years on all of my vehicles, I think know they are the best. Currently I am using BPR6E and just wonder if anyone has experience of a better grade of plug to use in the V8?

I run LPG and petrol, it's a Turner reconditioned 3.9 litre V8 Efi as fitted to Disco's in 95 / 96 vintage.

Mods, I felt that due to the Defender forum being full of diseasel buffs International forum would get more replies.

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Note - platinum spark plugs are NOT recommended for LPG. Whilst they may be good on petrol, plenty of LPG converters recommend against using platinum as the tips can break up when running on LPG.

I would say that the plugs you have are probably the best value for money and you will struggle to better them except perhaps with the expensive iridium types.

I agree with Nige, the multi electrode plugs don't offer a performance advantage, though they can last longer.

You might see a small improvement with a high power sophisticated ignition system, but for spark plugs, the NGKs are hard to beat.



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There is nothing special about these. They don't worjk any better than BP6®ES

I did a vast amount of research when I had "Plug Probs" and the NGK Technical

was a huge help.

These NGK PFR6N-11 where only introduced to help LR gain the longer service

intervals, hence the Platinum - but, if you fowl these, or have backfires,

they die just the same as the BP6RES versions,just they cost 4 x as much

Theres many a P38 / RR running cheap plugs instead of the platinum obnes, its just they

will need changing earlier but costs are a fraction when 8 of the devils are involved

For LPG Defo not plat, and also look at a different heat rnage maybe


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