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wastegate problem


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hi guys and girls, well finally i have fixed my car, i have a 96(n) 300 tdi and i love her dearly, anyway my problem was the wastegate pushrod was not connected to the plate on the exhaust manifold, was hoping that it was just in need of a new circlip, but no i just aint that lucky the nib that the pushrod fixes to had sheared off, so after a few phone calls to a few shops and suppliers was told that it would most probably be a new manifold and turbo, ooouch, well after a few depressing hours out cam my torch and spanners to see if i could bodge it, i removed the inlet manifold and the exhaust manifold, what i decided to do was make the hole in the pushrod wider to 8mm then drill a corresponding 8mm hole in the plate on the manifold, droped in a bolt with a washer each side and a locking nut and reasembled my beautifull girl, all back together and with my backside cheeks very firmly cleanched i started her up, sounded lovely, anyway took her for a test drive and hey presto she is running like a dream, i am one seriously happy boy, sorry for babbling on, but had to tell someone,lol cheers matt

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