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pinion bearings

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hi all d90 200tdi conversion, i have a grinding noise again on the front diff,changed uj's on front prop noise went for a while now returned, had a look tonight and found that the diff flanged can be moved up and down about 3or 4mm and side to side, thinking that my prop could be out of balance tried that too and found that moved aswell about 3mm on the sleeve joint, is this normal for the prop to do this, removed prop and diff flange and i could push and pull out pinion shaft 5/6mm, up and down side to side aswell, something tells me this is not normal, so has anyone got a link on how to change pinion bearing and overhall diff, i only found oil seal change,any response would be gratefully received, cheer's ;):) defender dinky

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Unbolt the prop from the flange and see if there is any play on the diff flange (play can be decieving as to it's location). If the flange has any play in it at all (up, down, side-to-side), then the nose bearing is worn (it's a taper roller, so should have no play at all). Check the centre nut is tightened correctly, and if it is, then the bearing needs to be replaced. 4 bearings in the diff assembly - 2 for the pinion and 2 for the crown wheel/sun gear assembly. The diff can be removed as a complete unit after removing the prop, the ring of nuts surrounding the diff housing, and or course - both driveshafts. Rather than stripping both hubs right down to removal of the stub axles in order to remove the drive shafts - you can unbolt the entire swivel assembly from the axle case by removing the 7 x 14mm spline socket bolts either side that hold the swivel balls to the axle casing and pulling them out from the axle 3 - 4 inches. That way, you avoid a lot of unnecessary work. I would suggest you replace all 4 bearings, which is not expensive, and perhaps inspect and possibly also replace the sun gear set.


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