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Full beam won't turn off

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Hello, when I turn off the full beam it doesn't go off. When I turn the engine

off it will stay on for about 10 secs, then its just dipped?!

I just bought the landy and the previous owner told me that the lefthand headlight

burns out all the time, I guess this is why. You wouldnt notice it if you're just

drive during the day (headlights must be on during the day in Sweden).

I have installed a "light booster kit" to bypass the standard loom, in theory

giving better output. The relays in this kit are controlled by the original leads

to the lefthand headlight. I will try using the righthand leads instead tomorrow,

but other than that, any ideas on what to try?

Cheers, Tomas

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I suspect this may be something to do with the 'dim dip' wiring. This was a peculiarity of UK spec vehicles in the late 1980s. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automotive_lighting#Dim-Dip_Lamps. It works either by putting the two headlights in series or by putting a ballast resistor in series with the headlights. In either case, the actual voltage seen across the headlight filament (and hence also across any relay wired in parallel with it) will depend on the load and may well be sufficient to close a relay even if it's not the full 12V needed to fully illuminate the headlamp.

To make your headlight booster reliably work as expected you will need to disable the dip-dip function but you may be able to make it work by picking up the feed to the relay from the switches on the steering column rather than from the headlight wiring since this feed is upstream of any relays in the factory fitted wiring. Reference to the wiring diagram should tell you more, but you don't say what your vehicle is so I can't help in that direction.


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