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Todays Little Puzzle

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Ok so I've had the Defender 90 (300tdi) for just over a year now :D , and all is pretty much ok.

Just the odd minor issues, window regulator o/s had to be replaced along with windscreen jet wash, then there was

the radio CD player to change and wire in correctly along with the dash clock, which you guys helped with oh yeah not

forgetting renewing the clutch mater cylinder :) and giving it a full service again aided by you lot :D

So I'm slowly getting to know my way round the Landy :rolleyes:

As the tittle says here's to-days little puzzle.....Having taken advice from certain members and down loaded manuals and bought the bible (Haynes manual), I was rummaging around under the hood for god knows what trying to look like a professional spanner man (which would never be the case I'm still trying to figure out what goes in the cap with 710 stamped on it :blink: ). But any way I happened to notice that there is no fan cowling and no fan!

Is this a major issue? I have been on motor ways and driven it all year round yet the temperature seems fine according to the gauge and doesn't go over half way. Does it need a fan or do I carry on as normal?

Cheers Mutley

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Defender diesels are overcooled. Unless you are towing or it's really hot outside you shouldn't need an engine driven fan.

They are designed to be used all over the world and work very hard.

I used a 110 some years ago to commute in and out of London in traffic with no fan and it never got hotter than usual. That was also a 300Tdi.

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