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buying series 111


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hi guys

im normally on the disco forum with usual faults but im wanting a series 111 as a toy, ive seen a 73 series 111 with diesel engine 21/4. its quite rough and needing chassis welding otherwise not bad . question is whats it worth . no mot or tax. £500 sound too much??

regards Ally

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no mot or tax. £500 sound too much??


You can find them cheaper for a project or not that much more for one with an MOT.

I'd also go for a tax free one from 1972 or earlier (although a few from very early 73 are also exempt) as that will save you the cost of the vehicle if you plan on keeping it for a few years.

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I would expect at least a grand for one that barely has passed its MOT. £1,500 is a good figure for a road legal and working example, if not tidy.

Be aware that there are now many Series 3s from the 70s and early 80s running about on late 2A identities.

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The secret is to look around, not buy anything because you want one. There are some real dogs out there.

Two nice series 2a's sold on ebay (and they were nice enough) with galvanised chassis over the last few weeks for between £1600 and £1900. They both had a lot of life in them with rock solid chassis and good bulkheads.

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