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Gearbox Rebuild


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Hi all I am looking for some pointers but more encoragement.

My 85 County did me 4,000mls in Europe 2 years ago then on return within 3 mls home running up the sliproad off the M25 having cruised in 5th gear for say 80 mls got stuck in 3rd. Not a bad gear and got me and the family home OK and very pleased with the vehicle I had had from new.

OK shortly after had m/c accident, was on crutches for 15 months & two opps later but during time bought G & T box. Got off ebay which fitted as direct exchange but turned out to be duff rough & noisy. Oh well left it too late to go back and thats ebay for you.

So I plan to rebuild my origional as oterwise Ok and apreciate advice what would cause being stuck in a gear and if easy to do. Dabbled a bit with rebuild enging after T.B. failed, rebored and done clutches but never taken apart a GB and sounds a bit of a challenge.

If all else fails happy to pay some one in Barnet area to do, get another box but like to have a bash first.

Sorry bit long winded but be great to hear form other who have done.


PS Any special tools needed but I have a workshop manual but not that clear.

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I did a disco LT77 in the past. There are a couple of things you need really long pullers to remove but it turned out cheaper to break & replace them than buy the tools!

I can't recall details sorry, it was years ago. Interestingly though my LT77 once jammed in 5th at Dartford. I attempted to drive home by pulling away in lowbox then shifting up & as I pulled the Tbox to netural I got an almighty bang & the gears back. Never did work out why.

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