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Series One 86" rebuild


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Dear All - I have 'played' with various more ordinary vehicles for a long time but this is my first Landrover.

My wife has bought me the above project which came as a restored, rolling chassis (engine,box,axles and brakes)and a van full of removed, unrestored panels (some of which are duplicated) I have bought the Haynes Restoration Manual but was wondering if there is a consensus of the most practical order in which to fit the panels to make the rest of the fitting process more straightforward ?

Also can anyone point me to an exploded line drawing of all the panels so I can have a good look at the bits I have and the bits that I will obviously require ?


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Welcome to the madhouse.

I would say fit rear tub, bulkhead and doors, leaving all the bolts loose and juggle with them for ages so it all lines up and the doors close properly then tighten the bolts, checking alignment as you go along.

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