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Pheonix Heavy 2011

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Mr T has just rung me & ask {as obviously i am the best }to be the drivers representative for the proposed 2011 Pheonix Heavy.

Date end January 2011

Cost per vehicle {teams of 2} £350 .minimum of 8 teams required or cost will go up to cover £5600 if thats what we all want?

Vehicle requirements.

1. Minimum 38" tyres.

2. Any axles.

3. Minimum of 3 winches.

4. Fridge.

5. Truck nutts.

6. Naked photo of Fluffer on all trucks

He is more than happy to arrange an event for us but with a few conditions. In order of priority as i see it !!

1. He receives a deposit of £100 per vehicle by the end of August 2010 {Andy please post payment & address details}.Until he receives the required amount no more will be arranged.

2. We all seemed in earlier posts to agree of a date around end of January 2011 is this ok to most as if i say all that will never happen. Excuses of weather are not an excuse!!! yes you Rob.

3. Then in the meantime can we have suggestions from ONLY those who have sent deposits & Mr T {can you keep us informed on that please!} or who will definatley go To what type of event you would all like.

I will start

1. Any winging minus 1 section!

2. The organisers decision on any cheating or rule twisting not deamed as in the spirit of the event minus whatever they think!!

3. Friday night has a night section approx 2hrs obviously a bit tamer than the daytime.

4.No pointless deep bogs yes mud but not stupid !!

5. The longer the sections the better.

6. Punches during section to ensure that all get to required points.

7. Compulsory break i think is good & must be back at check point no excuses including break downs!!

8. Support crews allowed on site but only in pit area can leave to help team but team will get a penalty??

9. No special tasks etc.

10.Compulsory 10 pints saturday night !!

Lastly just encase ive not made it clear apart from deposit & cost bit all rules & format are for all to agree / suggest to Andy T then it will be up to him to decide

As Captain Picard says make it so

Please post replies on Devoon Forum if possible :D

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Well thanks chaps that have signed up for next years Comp

Spoke to Mr T today & really we are already there with enough of a deposit with what got sent today

He is going to comfirm that he can get the site for the last weekend of January & that will be it

Please can i start to have sensible suggestions of what you would like via email


What i will also try to do is tap up some sponsors to give prizes as well ;)love ya LIZ & Jimbo

Would like to point out entries are still open & will be for months yet for ANY vehicle the only rules are no winning it will be Extreme

Not bad that took what 2 1/2 weeks to sort well done guys thanks

Right started to get some sponsors to chip in to help out with prizes etc.

So far we have confirmed

X-Eng Simon will donate 2 ground Anchors.

Frog Island {Dan Elis} 2 Super Winch LP 8500s

Ruftracks {Andy T} will chip in TBC

Whitman Bevis Ltd Advertising banner for prize giving & Podium.

Television X {cant say yet!!}

As some may or may not know the event once we have reached 12 teams the rest of the entry money goes to charity. So what i am proposing is that if we get enough sponsor prizes for 1st , 2nd ,3rd then 1 special prize

After that we will have a charity auction on the saturday for the charity so come on guys chip in

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