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series transfer box


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Hi Brian

If I understand your correct then you are asking if the speed of the props to the diff's,and IE a prop driven from a PTO fitted to the back off the gearbox are the same in lowgear?

The speed is not the same there will allways be the difference that the transferbox makes, wether in low or high range, the PTO however follows the main gearbox IE in 4 gear the speed is the same as the engine.



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to drive two rear axles while in low ratio with two separate props

Yes i saw it done but IIRC the transfer box had been converted to a 1:1 ratio and the sliding dog for the PTO was replaced with another output shaft sliding gear. There was no interlock between the 2 outputs so it was possible to have the front and middle rear axles in Hi and the back rear axle in Lo. Not the brightest of moves!

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I believe that the 1:1 conversion was by Ashcrofts who have discontinued manufacture as it involved moving the idler position & making a new larger input gear that was the same tooth count as the output, the result was that the shafts were no longer all in line so if the idler bearings failed it would be possible for the gears to jam and lock up the drive.

The PTO output did give a Hi, neutral & Lo ranges as the normal sliding tooth ring was replaced with another output sliding gear & the PTO selector rail detents had an extra notch.

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