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Wolfy replica for sale... bells and whistles


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Forgot to mention, that when I said "where I come from" I was referring to Germany. Here in UAE as civil person you are not even allowed to have a car in camouflage paint - not thinking about a massive gun (even replica) mounted on it.

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My Wolf 110 when I bought it


It is currently looking like this


My Wmik looks like this



And my old 90 (Note the missing steering guard, I had just replaced the drop arm and was too lazy to put it back on at that point!!)


dude this the same thiong that i am doing right now, but i have mine in a worse condition

and i want to build it as a soft top, and the thing is it was rebuilt as a hard top when i got it.

do you know where could i get the roll over bar and the things which keep the hood in place? second hand is okay too

post-20467-004003600 1286981792_thumb.jpg

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