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PAS - Seal Kit - Fitting - How Easy ?

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I've done a bit of searching and can't find out if this is easy or hard?

Can i just buy a seal kit and fit it whilst laying on my back under the 110? I'm going to change the ball joint anyhow so do i just need to fit the kit whilst the arm is off?

Any pointers ?

Also if i decide to do the bearing. Can this be done at the same time?

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yes so i gather...

its very minor leak and it doesn't really need doing to be honest. So i thought i'd just do it.

I don't think the bearing needs doing but if it can be done at the same time as the seal i might as well. Preventative maintenance is the name of the game. I've probably spent £1000 on bits that "might need doing" when i'm on my trip. I'd rather do it here and now,,,,, than on my back on the side of the road in Mongolia. If i ever get out of the UK or indeed more than 30 miles from my house!! :o

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I don't think it's very easy to do without taking the steering box off (unless you're especially fond of ATF in the eye), and everyone says you end up swapping the box eventually. I have read somewhere however that Zeus Engineering make a seal (about £20 I think) which is sometimes more successful as it bears on a previously unused piece of shaft - I have no experience of them, but I did try to swap a seal using a kit and ended up having to change the box.



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Don't bother with a recon.

New box from Adwest who supply the LR production line is only £264.26 inc vat no exchange required. If you take back your old one you get £58.75 back (£50 +vat)

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OK thanks. Will call them when i'm ready to swap it. Got a box of stuff today and another box coming monday. A few weeks work before that will get swapped. I'm replacing the oil cooler pipes so thats in the same area so might be as good time as any.

thanks for tha advice all......

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