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Ot: Usb Cable, Type B To Mini B


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As it says, I am looking for a USB cable with a Type B connector at one end and a mini Type B at the other (both male I believe). :unsure:

Looked in quite a few places but cannot get this combination, type A is no problem but no use unless I use an adapter perhaps which I'd rather not have.

Help! :(

For info. it is to connect a sony digital camera to a sony photo printer.

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At a guess, if the two devices aren't easily connectable then they're probably not supposed to be connected like that :P

that did cross my mind; guess a call to Mr. Sony is the way.

the different types are:

this shows A on left and mini B or right.


andthis shows B type on left and A, that you should recogniese by now on the right.


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You can pick up A (male) to A (male) adaptors quite readily but I guess you are trying for the neatest solution.

I can get cables made to order but you have to be sure of all the pin out details, wouldn't want to fry anything with even 5V.

I suspect the fridge is right though, it aint meant to be like that.

You are not trying to connect a DV to the printer by any chance?

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yes, neatest solution although female A - female A would allow me to connect both cable together although not 100% the signals will be correct.

Time to RTFM; both the printer and camera (slave) are meant to connect to a compueter (master), master having the A type connector. Both support pictbridge and manual says I can connect camerea to pictbridge printer and printer can be controlled by pictbridge yet the connectors don't match up.

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I have all of these, sorry it's blurred camera doesn't have macro, but they are all male A so it would mean adaptor-cable-gender changer-adaptor, not so tidy.

Mini B on the left B on the right, no idea what the middle one is called.

I notice that the Mini has 5 pins but the A & B only have 4 ?

I can have a word with the cable shop and see what is possible next weekend if you like.

If that is suitable let me have the Sony model numbers of camera & printer.

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My PictBridge printer has a seperate female type A socket on the front of the printer so the camera's own USB lead can plug straight in, maybe there is a second socket on yours under a cover or something?


hmmmm strange you should say that. I took a peek at the manula and indeed it has 2 USB sockets; A type on front under the hinged panel for pict bridge and a type B on the back ... so sorted!! :rolleyes:

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