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While I have an account, with an Argoshield cylinder on it, I can't use a Size W; that's a big cylinder for a hobby user.

I wonder how efficient the BOC police are?

Should we start a book on whether the item will be pulled before the 3 days are up at 08:47:00 BST on the 8th June 2010?

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think they weight 180 kg...ish empty

LOL, whilst I cant exactly remember the weights (IIRC full oxy bottle is circa 80KG), I can lift a full bottle so there is no way it could possibly be 180kilos

When I worked in scrap for a living we used to see loads of BOC oxy and Argoshield bottles and countless propane bottles, we used to smash the valves off with a sledge and hide them amongst heavy when loading artics

Most repuatble scrap merchants will not accept bottles as they are legally owned by BOC/Energas etc

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