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Welding on a waxolyed chassis

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I havent got as far as waxoyling the whole chassis on the 110 yet. I've done the rear third when i replaced the rear crossmember, but not gone any further yet. I'm currently going over the whole thing looking for holes that need welding up and have just one under the gearbox crossmember that needs cutting in and welding.

Question is, what if more holes appear after the whole chassis is waxoyled? I know how flammable the stuff is and, in my mind, i'm worried that once i waxoyl the whole thing, any further repairs, if necessary (which is inevitable!), will be impossible in case it all goes up in flames. How do you guys get around this safely?

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Waxoyl is always inflammable, like so many other rust preventers. However, the chassis won't immediately burst into flames, so there's no need to panic :) Use a gasket scraper or similar to remove any waxoyl, then wire brush to remove any that's left. Keep a plant sprayer or similar filled with water nearby and any flames can quickly be extinguished.


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I think the main worry is if you ignite any vapour lurking in the chassis cavity the waxoyl is flamible but its the vapour residue you have to be careful of I would leave it a good long time for any heavy solvent vapour to lea before you weld after your waxoyl and then keep a bucket of water or better still a fire extinguisher handy.

Have a look at the link.


All the best


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My brother in law and I managed to set my 110 chassis on fire, I'd only recently waxoyled it and he did some welding on it and there was a rather sudden WHOOMPF and off it went. It was all a bit frantic until the fire extinguisher did the business. We wont do that again.

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Thanks all. Doesnt look like it will go up in an uncontrollable ball of flames if i'm careful then! :D

I'll finish off the welding i have to do and the complete the waxoyling as originally planned.

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