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Auto Gearbox To Fit To TD5 90

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Hi Folks

I am finding that I'm not driving my 90 so much now since getting my P38 as I don't really like manual gearbox's - laziness I guess. My Dad is thankfully keeping it excercised for me since his car went off the road, but I would like to consider fitting an auto gearbox as I really enjoy driving it in every other way (especially for towing - a 4.6 V8 isn't so frugal when pulling a 3 tonne load!)

Firstly, which other Landrover model gearbox could I look out for which would bolt straight onto the TD5?

Second, which model gearbox would fit with a little modification, and what would the mod be?

I'm guessing an older hydraulic change gearbox would be easiest, although electrics don't scare me for fitting the later electronic ones.

Also, not including the selector positioning and wiring, are there any other components which can cause problems for fitment/that I would need to get hold of?


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Thanks western

That's an informative site but I was meaning the vehicle model i.e. can the 4.0 P38 gearbox bolt straight on, or is the gearbox the same but the bellhousing and other bits require changing etc. If all the Rangerover gearbox's would fit with minimal mods it'd be ideal as so many of them were auto's (and also getting broken).

I'm hoping for some information so I can go into breakers and know which models I can take from, and be aware what other components I'd need to take specific to the model I'm taking from. I'd guess the discovery TD5 would be the easiest model, but what differences/problems are specific to each model year due to the changes.

I know a complete list is unlikely, but to know what models others have used as donors would be a huge help.


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