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roll cage


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hi all.

ive just fitted a removable t/c cage to my 90 and before i paint it,

what would you do with a new roll cage, what would you mount and where?

how many lights on the front and or the back?

ive also got a 8274 up front and was going to weld a hook to the upright beside the windscreen bar, good?

any suggestions will be great.


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I've got four light mounts above the windscreen, just flat plates on the lower rear face of the horizontal tube, plus another in the middle on top for a CB ariel. In the back I've got two threaded studs to take a Hi-lift, and four small U-bolts where the cage meets the floor - very useful for tying things down in the back etc.

If you put a winch hook on the cage, make it nice and weak so it lets go (benignly) before it distorts the cage or wrinkles your wings / bonnet.

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thanks for the reply.

i have since put four tabs on for the lights and a simple C shaped 15mm bar loop on the front of the cage for the hook. it wont be used for winching, but i do see your point in making it the weak point, though with my seagull droppings im sure it would be fine. cheers. :)

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