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Head lamp wiring... original or not...

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86 reg 90 with too much faffing done with it. trying to fetle it back to something like usable.

Is an 86 reg headlamp wiring meant to look like this?



Taking the loom out to put on new bulkhead, is it meant to be all one piece? going from the fusebox to the headlamps?



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looks like the black plugs at the bottom of the first picture are those used on the 300Tdi/NAS lights. [ringed in green]

otherwise wiring looks original & it goes along the top of the wing to the fusebox/light switches as part of the main/dash area loom, IIRC from when I changed mine a few years ago.


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just doing my bulkhead as well, i've found the same problem, it looks like the wiring goes straight through the bulkhead with no way way of disconnecting the wings sections. I would of thought there would be bullet connecters around the bulkhead area

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