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AWDC Challenger 4x4 Series Round 3

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Entries are now coming in for round 3 of the AWDC Challenger 4x4 series at Somerley Estate in Ringwood on 27th June 2010. This is a site that many of you won't have been to before myself included so it should be interesting. As always please try not to leave it until the last minute to get your forms to me as this can make my life very difficult. For those of you who have registered for the series I will be sending you a form in the next couple of days but you can always download one from our website www.challenger4x4.com or www.awdc.co.uk . New entries are most welcome. Please call me on either 07836 713677 or 01252 325930 if you have any queries. Look forward to seeing you there. Lucy xx

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Just to let you know that Satellite Navigation is not reliable around the Estate and so it is best if they follow the directions below. You will risk ending up at locked gates that you can not get through if they try to use Satellite Navigation.


· From the A31 take the B3081 towards Verwood and Alderholt.

· Go past the two semi-detached cottages on your right hand side

· Just as you start to go back in to the trees, turn right on to a gravel track just in front of Ashley Lodge which is a white detached cottage with a thatched roof. This is the track leading to the 4x4 course.


The above link is to a map which also shows Ashley Lodge clearly as well as the 4x4 course and the A31 and B3081 if this is also helpful.

Hope this helps.



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I don't think we'll be able to come to this one, as our tow car is having problems :(

How late can we leave the entry, Lucy?

This is miles away for Myself and Adey too !!!!! We was considering the sickness and diarrhea excuse :lol:

Now awaiting Mr Becks Reply :D

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This is miles away for Myself and Adey too !!!!! We was considering the sickness and diarrhea excuse :lol:

It's not so much about the distance for us, more the fact that every time we switch the tow car off it dumps all of its coolant onto the floor :(

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Hello everyone, sorry I have been a bit carp in replying but what with being abandoned by my husband I have been a bit busy!!!

If you still havent sent your forms then please contact me and I am sure I will be able to squeeze you in.

I am afraid there will be no food provided on Saturday night but if you would like to bring some for me that would be great!!!!

I am afraid that there is a charge of £10 per tent/caravan/van or whatever else you care to sleep in, not per person. I am sorry about this the money is not going to me or the AWDC it is what Somerley charge. I suggest you all sleep together to economise!!!

Entry list as of today, if your name does no appear and you think it should please call me.

Team 1 Nick Anderson and Nev Hudd

Team 2 Sam Coulton and Ben Standen

Team 3 Barry Benjamin and Steve Law

Team 4 Adrian Catchpole and Mark Catchpole

Team 6 Steve Beck and Adey Baley

Team 7 Michael Gill and Simon Case

Team 9 Peter Roberts and Ben Burge

Team 10 Ben Champion and Martin Champion

Team 11 Philon Parpottas and Alex Parpottas

Team 12 Chris Kelly and Jason White

Team 14 Andrew Beck and Dominic Flitney

Team 15 Daniel Thompson and James Taylor

Team 16 Ian Cocks and Stephen Day

Team 17 Kevin Moss and Tom Fall

Team 19 Andy Nash and Dan Elias

Team 20 Mark Sinclair and Roy Higgs

Team 21 Ben Turner and Mic Turner

Team 24 Paul Edney and Trevor Thomas

Team 28 Clive Billing and Luke Billing

Team 29 Andrew Wolfe and Rob Edwards

Team 30 Giles Tinkler and co-driver

Hope this is all ok.



01252 325930

07818 415276

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After a discussion with Neil we have decided that charging for camping will have a detrimental effect on the social side of the sport which is what we try to promote, so the AWDC will cover the camping costs that Somerley are charging. So therefore there will be no charge for camping for spectators of competitors everyone is welcome!!!

Look forward to seeing you there.



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