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Advice on possibly buying this car

110 Dom

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I am contemplating buying a discovery http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1755131.htm.

I currently have a very tidy 2005 Freelander 1.8 xei sport 5dr stationwagon 42k miles, that I would probably trade in if I was to go ahead....Any one want to buy or could advise what it may be worth trade in or sell privately?

I am getting a twin axle caravan and would prefer a slightly bigger vehicle for towing it hence the interest in a discovery. I would like a late model discovery 2 with a high spec.

I have only ever had manual vehicles before and am unsure if the automatic would be a benefit or not???? The vehicle is supposed to have fsh but is quite high milage at 90k, should I be worried about this or not...are there any jobs in the service history that I should look for to make sure they have been done.

Anyone any ideas, how much extra I should pay if I traded in my vehicle or if I would be better trying to sell my vehicle privatly which is least prefeered for the extra cash outlay before the freelander gets sold; any comments appreciated.



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There's nothing really wrong with automatics - and they can be good for towing caravans especially on uneven ground or with poor traction - no messing about with the clutch, easy in traffic, etc.

That said, manual boxes are usually cheaper - why not try to find a lower mileage car with a manual box for the same price? I have a 2003 TD5 ES which needed a new (manual) gearbox and power steering box at 90K miles :( and a transfer box failing now at 110K :angry: - so I'd recommend that you tread carefully here (but I may have been unlucky).

Why not try posting the question about the Freelander value in the Freelander forum?


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