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keys lost..........what next?

Mr Alford

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ok guys im very responsible with my keys altho my wife is not.................due to lending her my disco i no longer have any keys, and she has left it parked illegally outside our house

i can break into the car no problem as its not hard but starting her is not something i have moved onto, do i?

a. Replace ignition barrel

b. figure out a way to start it for the mean time until i find a 2nd hand barrel

c. one of you guys will have a much better idea?

also how much of a job is is replacing the barrell?

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Sorry to hear the predicament!

From previous experience - involving a child, rather than a wife, although the principle is the same - your recovery service should be able to help, especially if you have the "Home" level of cover.

(Wish I'd logged on earlier, because I suspect you may have got in by now...............................!)

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I have hidden the post for the time being as I'm not sure it is good to have that info on a public forum. It is not at all hard to start a 300 with a standard immobiliser. I'll look at it again this evening, no time at the moment.

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OK after a bit of thought I decided that while I know the post was meant in a helpful vein, the info together with other info on this forum would effectively be a "how to nick a Discovery" guide - probably not a good idea.

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