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A new Landy owner introduction.


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Hello everybody. About two weeks ago I may have had a complete loss of presence of mind. I went to view a 1966 Series IIa Ambulance bodied Landy. She was listed on ebay and after having a good nose I made the vendor an offer which was accepted and the ebay listing pulled with 3 hours to go. Apologies to the 10 or 11 bidders! Apparrently it was being watched by about 200 punters and the vendor had received over 20 email enquiries... The stack of money I took with me was originally intended for the purchase of a Laverda Montjuic that I have been trying to buy for about 3 years.

The Ambience as I have now called her has been converted to a camper and has a 3.5 V8 lump fitted. The chassis is very solid but the A posts and top section of the bulkhead will need some welding work but nothing too major. The engine runs, I give it a full service anyway as she has been stood for a couple of years in a field. The current throttle arrangement needs modification, LHS carb operated via foot pedal and the RHS carb by a piece of wire fed through the driver's window...

I will see if I can up load a picture of the Ambience but as a 'Newbie' this maybe difficult.

I will probably post lots of questions and pick your collective brains mercilessly in due course.

Thank you and take care,



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Now that's a beautiful truck - I heartily approve of the colour scheme and choice of engine. Needs some slightly larger tyres though.

Yes Rhubarb and Custard does actually look rather good on a Landy.

That's certainly a lovely looking truck you have there. I'll also echo FF's sentiments re choice of engine :). I'm backing the 'ditch the eight spokes' campaign too. I'm sure someone on here will have a surplus of original LR wheels to help you out.

Welcome to the forum too.

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Hi o t b

thats a really nice looking truck you have there, that must be one of if not the nicest landy camper convesion i have ever seen, and i think the roof rack takes the ambalance look away from it really well, nice one.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

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Hi all,

Thank you very much for all the compliments regarding the Ambience, previous owners have created the looks. I liked the look of her when I went to take a look see. The photo was taken by the previous owner some time before she was neglected in the field. She looks a bit more jaded now. I confess that after buying her for £1500 and an afternoon's assessment of her needs (and wants) I did begin to wonder whether I had been a numpty!

Friends and family to the rescue. A friend in the village with a Disco agreed to haul the car recovery trailer from another friend enabled me to recovery her to the back yard of my Sis/Brother-in-Law's garage business. They have a fully equipped workshop with half a dozen employees and an MoT line!!! Bro-in-Law has had a cursory look over her and was surprisingly complimentary, finding nothing major.

However the minor things when totted up...

The wheels, wow a controversy already... Excellent! They've got nearly new tyres on 5 wheels and passable on a sixth so they are staying.

After the MoT hurdles I will probably use her as is for a short while to do a few weekend festival/parties and as a 'ute', these will be her twin roles in her new life. I have a collection of 'classic' Italian bikes and an MG F, none of which are any good at carry stuff! For the summer I will take the roof rack off, I don't have that much stuff! I will keep the rack for winter firewood collecting. I'm in two minds whether I prefer the 'naked' look better or not. She looks sleeker without, if that adjective can ever be applied to a Landy!

I due course I will fit the new A posts and bulkhead sections (already ordered) and repaint all round. I am minded to do the same paint scheme again, though possibly a more creamy custardy yellow rather than an off-white. Finished with some vinyl graphics, it's the sort of thing I do at work. Initial thoughts are obviously have the Ambience text on all sides, "Camel Trifle" logo to the doors and back, celtic knot work reflective red cross to the sides and back. To finish it of a good sprinkling of "hundreds and thousands" over the roof. She most certainly is not going back into olive, drab.

Thanks again for the welcome,


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  • 1 year later...

Hello everybody,

Some long while since posting anything.

The Ambience got it's MoT Nov last year and is due to go in for another, but it will have to wait till the new year. Should go through easily enough.

During the time I have had the Ambience I have only managed to do about 300 miles (trouble free) and am seriously questioning the point of hanging on to it.

Therefore I am considering selling, what are your thoughts? Anyone interested in taking it on?

Best wishes,


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