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intermittent pulling left under braking

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Hi again,

My TD5 90 has been pulling left intermittently when I brake, i've replaced front discs and pads and rear pads and stripped out the calipers. No change! The ABS appears intermittent to!

Any thoughts and advice?


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Is there any chance you could explain why the panhard bushes?

Well you seem to have covered the braking side of things, and other than the brakes; loose or worn-out joints in the suspension and/or steering seems the most likely cause to me... And also - this happened to mine when the chassis end of the panhard rod came loose a while ago* ;)

A couple of questions if I may:

By 'intermittent' do you mean on multiple occasions within one trip, on some days but not others, or something else? When it pulls, does it do it consistently from initial application to stopped or does it lurch? Is it affected by bumps or steering? If you drive on and then brake again does it continue to pull?


* I have owned the car for 7 years and have never touched the panhard rod bolts, so why did one of them suddenly come loose? One of life's little mysteries I guess...

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