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Microcat in Linux

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It doesn't install natively. Id didn't easily work with WINE for me , although I'm no expert at all and didn't spend time trying to fix it. I run a Windows XP VM for stuff like microcat and the work SSL VPN (which only works with internet explorer).

Sorry I can't be of any more help.


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Ye i'd also recommend a virtualisation platform.

As long as your laptop has the correct VTx extensions, then ubuntu supports KVM pretty much out the box, you'd just need to install KVM and virt-manager, create a suitably sized VM and install windows inside it, then run microcat there.

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Hi Carlos,

If you install Oracle's Virtual Box http://www.virtualbox.org/, which is straightforward on Ubuntu, you can install an XP virtual machine, on which you can run microcat.

To save installing everything, I can send you the entire virtual machine image (XP plus microcat), that you can run in Virtual Box. It will have to be a DVD, as the image is pretty big.

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Thanks a lot everybody, I'll install VM. Thanks for the offer Gromit, but I'm located in Colombia, so the sending costs could be really expensive...... :)

Envelope with just a DVD won't be that much :) Make a donation of a few quid to the forum and I'll drop it in the post.

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