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Hard clutch pedal Defender 130 Td5

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My buddy was complaining,over the last week,of finding difficulty in selecting 1st gear and for going on into the other gears.

On his way home from my house he got about 5kms when he reported the clutch pedal having become solid.

There's fluid in the reservoir although the adjustment bar in the master cylinder seems to be almost at the max .....the piston bar as such is not out of the master cylinder..its just that the pedal has gone solid now.

There is an electronic plug on the M/C ...so next questions would be

1. If this plug is left off,can eg.a 300Tdi M/C fit??

2. If so will the ECU carry on as normal?

I'm just anticipating an electronic one being more expensive...and I hope I'm not duty bound to use it lol

There's fluid in the gearbox.....there has been a new slave cylinder installed about a year ago along with a new clutch. It's a model year 1999 with 199000kms

Any of the inmates here have any experience with this sort of problem??

I have posted on other forums to get try and get a quick reply as he uses the 130 as a tool for his work.

Thanks as normal...


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i would suggest it may well be a punched thru clutch fork, rather than a faulty master cylinder?

I'm beginning to think so based on my replies so far. I'll loosen the beed nipple on the slave cylinder and depress pedal...fluid comes out then the M/C is working?....

If M/C is not working then there should be some kind of leak there?(Which there is not...)

Oh no ....not another epic clutch change then...


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