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Yes - I did this a couple of years ago..

From memory the process was:

1. Test fit all piece - check size and dimensions

2. Clean everything! Especially windows rubbers..

3. Get a plastic spray bottle fill it with fairy liquid + water - not too strong - just enought to colour the water green.

4. Get a helper! (2nd person)

5. Get a "SILICONE BLADE CAR DRYING BLADE" (search eBay for that description)

1st thing is to check the size of the tinted sheets - which usually come as a kit. Mine were wrong! The boot door was about 4 inches too long - so had to cut is down. Once you got the sizes right, clean, and clean again. Any crud left, especially around the rubbers, will cause the tint to "lift" off the glass.

When fitting the plastic tint sheets, spray the both sides with the fairy/water solution, and spray the glass too (if in doubt - spray it!). You need to spray the back side - as you'll use the silcone blade to push air bubbles out.

Any plastic sheet not covered generously with fairy/water will scratch or worse tear. In short, be very generous with the lube!

Hope that helps,



PS I think it's illegal to tint the front windows for road use.... so I just did the boot door, and 4 side windows - I left the drivers+pax window as original.

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Has anyone had a go at tinting their D2's windows?? If so any advice would be great!


I had mine done professionally only to get stopped by police because drivers & front passengers windows were to dark and did not pass light test I was given an enforcement notice banning me from using the vehicle until tint was removed fortunately i wasn't given a fixed penalty but i could have been so whatever tint you apply make sure its legal because it is easy for police to spot.I was lead to believe my tint was legal by tinting firm.

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Try to do it inside, garage, workshop or the like.

I had my first go on the drive !!!

Even on a dry day with next to no wind dust seems to find its way back onto your clean window. The second time I used some anti static screen spray from my computer which seemed to work reasonbly well mixed with soapy water.

There are also different qualities of tint film, the thicker the better, it goes on easier and has less chace of creaseing.

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and a word of caution i had my classic done a few years ago and at the time the tint limit on the front was 30% was stopped by the police(scum bag note else to do) and when they tested was found to be 30.1% got a fixed penelty asked where the 10% was and told not 10% only cost me £30 for the fine and 40 for new window tint 25% lol never been stopped since

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