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I'm replacing my doors sills on the Disco (1996).

Run into a bit of an issue! Bought the new panels from Paddocks, (inner and outer sill). As you can see from the photo attached ... I've managed to cut out the old panels - but whilst doing a "test fit" of the 2 new panels (inner+outer sill) - I can't get them both in - only 1 or the other.

The way I see it, I'm gonna either have to lift the body up off the chassis (somehow), or apply loads of brute force and bend the new panels - which may not be possible without completely kn*ckering them.

Anyone got any useful tips! (hopefully Les is reading as I can see he's done this before!)



These are the new bits: Inner Sill, Outer Sill


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I haven't replaced the inner and outer sill as seperate items - just the whole thing (which is where I learned most of the Anglo Saxon from :) )

I detached the centre pillar and then carefully pulled it outwards to get enough room to fit the new item. Got to say it was a right pig of a job and took about 3-days to fit them and some other welding to the footwell.


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Success! Managed to get the new sills in..

Trick was to weld the inner + outer sill together 1st - i.e. on a workbench.

I then bent the edge of floor upwards (on the edge under the foot pedals - that runs across the width of the car, between the inner wing and the clutch pedal). Was then able to get the new sill in.

Didn't need to jack up body or remove any mount bolts (other that the 2 chassis mounts that hold the sill in).

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