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G-wagen axles on a Landy!

would you fit G wagon axles?  

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  1. 1. would you fit G wagon axles?

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Hi all,

Been offered a pair of G wagon axles for a reeally goood price! :D including all the gubbins for the locker system.

Question is....

What needs to be done to them to make it fit and work on a 90?

who's done it before with the know how?

Is it worth the hassle?

and any advantages or disadvantages?

Thanks anyone in advance! :D

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As above, diff rotation is incorrect and I think the off set is wrong, so major axle surgery is required to fit them. You're better off spending more and going for one of the well-proven options, which in terms of ease of fitting would be:

Landcruiser series 80

Volvo C303

Nissan GQ

Unimog 404

Dana 60

There's also the 'Rovertracks' or what ever it is - the american company who specialises in fitting Toyota internals into Landrover casings.

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hmmm... the catch is ive basically been offered a rotten bodied g wagon complete minus the engine and box, with all rebuilt running gear a year ago, i can have everything in it including all the levers and lines for the hydraulic lockers and anything else i want off of it, for £200

And as im sure ive seen it done before, its got to be worth it at that price! :D

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Why not buy it anyway, and sell the parts to someone who needs them. I'm sure you'll get most than £200 back in that situation.

Depends of course whether you can spare the space or the cash...

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my mate had a G wagen-he knackered the dog clutch on the rear axle which wasnt cheap from MB and converted the hydraulics to air as they failed a lot. IIRC the hub swivels are welded to the axle case unlike replaceable LR ones. I read somewhere the swivel is a weak area in the axles.

For £200 I'd just sell it on either ebay or GWOA


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You're right in saying that it has been done before, but probably by people who are happy to beaver away re-fabricating the axles for countless evenings to realise a cost saving. If you can do this, then great, if not you're better off finding another route.

Of the options I listed certainly the Landcruiser and Nissan axles can be had with lockers, ready to fit (that is the right off sets, correct rotation etc.) for £500 to £750. In fact wasn't Gibbon selling a set of LC 80 axles for £750 on here?

Buy the G, break it for spares on GWOA, there's plenty to sell other than the axles. Use the money to buy some different axles.

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