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smoke on start up

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Hi guys,

I seem to have a problem starting.

I own a 2005 Td5 XS 90. 28,500 on the clock. 6 months ago I removed the cat and fitted a decat pipe and egr removal kit. No problems until 2 weeks ago. Started the engine as usual. I always follow the standard start procedure for the Td5. I looked in the mirror to see a cloud of white smoke. I let the engine idle and it cleared. I did not think anything of it. The following morning the same thing happened only this time when I tried to rev the engine to clear the smoke, it smothered the engine almost making it stall. Once again I let it idle, revved the engine and it cleared. I have not had a problem since until yesterday, the same thing happened. This time I got out leaving the engine idling and I could smell heavy diesel, just like you have when you start building plant machinery. I've used the vehicle today without any problem.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can anyone diagnose the problem from what I have described? The Landy dealer here in Guernsey is useless!!!!!


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Hi,just wondering why you removed the cat in the 1st place,Guernsey being such a small Island (I am ex pat Guernsey,now living in New Zealand with a 2003 TD5)why would you disconect it? Cheers :rolleyes:


I removed the cat and EGR to increase the performance and fuel economy. Removing the ERG helps the flow of 'clean air into the combustion chamber and removing the cat gets rid of the restriction to help speed up the removal of the exhaust gas. It works. I'm up to 30 + miles to the gallon from 20 - 25 and with the price of fuel here these days it wont be long before it's the same as in England.

I will be fitting other engine tuning items as well these I sauce from 5Alive tuning. www.td5alive.com.

Check it out also check out youtube for the fastest Land Rover.


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