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Hi chaps

I think I need to change my UJ's as I seem to have lost some drive at the low end of my revs and I have heard a whirring/chirping noise which I believe is a symptom of worn UJ's

I am due to drive up to the Lake District soon and don't want to lose a propshaft on the way! I will change them all - better to be safe than sorry ;)

I have a 1992 Defender 90 200Tdi. Please can someone tell me which are the UJ's for me. Also, if anyone has recommendations I would be grateful.

I have seen these:

Rear Propshaft UJ's

Front Propshaft UJ's

And one other question: are any specialist tools required or will a spanner/socket set do?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give


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Thanks Western,

having become even more confused by that I looked up what the chassis numbers mean and i found these useful guides:

Chassis Numbering

Chassis Numbering

I think I understand now. That is the same Part Number for the rear prop too so I take it that means they are for both the front and rear?

Also, I might be being a bit thick here, but what year is denoted by the letter C at the beginning of the last 8 digits?

Thanks again


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the 'C' is a early RR year code for 1986, enter your complete VIN/chassis in the vin checker on this website http://landroveroneten.com/ yours most likely has a A or B if it's a pre 1988 vehicle or as per the list if after 1988.

Year of Build

A all models except:

B Ser. III CSW or R/R Phase II, or 90/110 face lift to 1987 M/Y

C R/R 1986 M/Y

D R/R 1987 M/Y

E 1988

F 1989

G 1990

H 1991

J 1992

K 1993

L 1994

M 1995

T 1996

V 1997

W 1998

X 1999

Y 2000

1 2001

2 2002

3 2003

4 2004

5 2005

6 2006

7 2007

8 2008

9 2009

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