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Can't get my SIII out of 4WD


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HI folks,

In a bit of a dilema.

Got a very shabby SIII today and basically I can't get it out of 4WD. This is a problem as I need to push it onto my drive (it's a non runner). Currently I have red stick fully forward, yellow knob up. But I just can't get it out of 4WD. I am assuming this is why it's impossible to push and only just about moveable being dragged by my 2WD TD Fiat Multipla.

I have asked elsewhere but no-one seems to know and it's getting a bit urgent now

Any idea's how I can disengage 4WD please ? :(

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At the front of the transfer box you will see a cover with two protruding errr... bits. Take this cover of. Under the cover you find two shafts that move in or out of the housing of the TB. I don't know if they're in or out for 4wd, but it's the top shaft you need to shift between 4WD en 2WD. Apply lots of oil or WD40 and gently (!) tap it with a hammer.

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Thanks Guys. I should have given a little more info :ph34r: This is what I did to diagnose the problem.

All four wheels definitely drag, as I had to tow it off the trailer I picked it up with. I suspected the transmission brake so I removed the drum from it. No difference.

I then jacked up the nearside and span the front wheel with a long bar on one of the wheel nuts. The nearside rear wheel began to spin as I was doing this. That suggests to me that its in 4WD. What also happens is that if I jack up one front wheel I can move it above 9 inches in either direction before it hits resistance, it feels the same as a 2WD would if it were left in gear.

The gearstick is in neutral.

I will have a look for the 'protruding bits' you talk about and see what I can do with a can of WD40. The prop shaft idea had occurred to me, I was just after a more permanent fix.

Many thanks again.

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Yes the levers will still move if the front axle drive selector shaft is siezed. You will either need to take the front prop off or remove the drivers side floorpanel to get at the dust cover. To get it on your drive take a rear half shaft out - remove the 6 bolts and pull drive member and halfshaft out , jacking that corner off the ground to relieve any wind up while you do it would be best .



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Bit late I guess but, just to move it, if the brakes are free but the transmission is locking it, is simply to undo a drive flange on each axle. If it still locks then it is a jammed diff probably in that axle. Most likely something bad in the gearboxes though. :(

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