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2.5TD as a replacement for a 2.5 petrol

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I have a 19J engine which came out of my 1990 90 and is surplus to requirements because I have a 300tdi to put back in it.

In the meanwhile, a friend has bought a 2.5 petrol 1990 90. (It was cheap. Very cheap.)

Leaving aside the obvious "a 200/300 tdi/V8/etc would be better" comments, how easy would it be to replace the 2.5 petrol with the 19J? Specifically, are the bell housing, engine mounts, wiring etc all the same, or is this more than just a case of taking the petrol lump out and putting the diesel lump back?


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You can save yourself a lot of bother by fitting a TD or N/A ignition switch, then connect the appropriate wires for fuel solenoid and glow plugs. Apart from the engine itself, you will need the fuel filter housing, downpipe, etc, and associated pipework for it. As always with this kind of work - having the complete donor vehicle helps a lot with swapping over bits and pieces.


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