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gearbox swap

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hello people,

my gearbox is well on the way out and was wondering the easiest way to swap it. the hayes manual says to remove the engine but surely its easier to drop the box out the bottom? closest ive come to a gearbox is bleeding the clutch so advice would be appresiated

cheers Dan

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Propshafts off; disconnect wiring, linkages, etc; remove gear levers; remove clutch slave cylinder; remove gearbox crossmember. Allow a longish day or spread the job over two days.

Whether you split the transfer box off the main gearbox and remove separately depends on what facilities / lifting tackle you have - both are heavy lumps.

Don't forget to fit a new clutch (including a release arm & bearing if NAD/TD/Tdi) while you are at it.

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If you don't have access to a crane or similar lifting gear, then seperate the transfer box from the gearbox and remove them seperateley. This can be done from underneath and there's no need to remove any crossmember. If you want to do it from above, then the seat box out as well as the floor plates, transmission tunnel, etc.


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