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notchy power steering

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the power steering on one of my friends trucks is very notchy and noisy its a 4 bolt box and a v8 with what looks like a normal v8 pump , it whines if the wheel is turned whilst stationary and the steering wheel is very lumpy in operation , there is plenty of fluid in the system any ideas b4 i start changing pumps and boxes for him

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I would check the steering UJ's on the shaft from the steering column to the box-as they do wear, then I would also bleed the system until all the air was out of it if this has'nt cured it then you'll maybe have to change the box for another serviceable unit



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Mine went notchy the other week and it was the u.j , it had seized solid :( but at least a u.j is a lot cheaper than a pas box :)


If it were just 'notchy' then UJ's are favorite. If it's notchy and makes a whining noise and/or the fluid is frothy / pink - then it's air in the system.

Air can be sucked in from several places. Pump seals are possible - but other than on 300 tdi, the pump is contained in a can filled with oil so even if the seals leak, it doesn't leak air. The front shaft seal on the pump is usually high pressure so oil leaks out rather than air in (although no doubt there are exceptions). Usually it's the pipe unions between the pump and reservoir leaking.

In your case, it's almost certainly the adjuster nut. The chamber below is high pressure when you steer one way and low pressure the other so it can both suck and blow.


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I had notchy steering. Sprayed UJs on steering shaft liberally with WD40 and it fixed it!

Bought new complete column from MailOrder4x4 to fit ...UJs can be bought separately but I went for the easy option :)

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