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running my 300tdi on svo (USED VEG OIL)


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hey all and hello im asking for any knowledge any of you have about running a 300tdi on vegitable oil as deisel is to dear :rolleyes: and would like to cheapen my running costs ;) and do my bit for enviroment as i wish to start running this in my 300tdi disco 1 please help me with any knowledge you have would be greatly appreciated :)

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no offence - but do a search on here and also journeytoforever.com

there are lots of ways of doing it and also quite a few people with (possibly contentious)opinions on how to do it.

personally i just bulk buy new veg oil for 72p a litre and run that straight in the main tank with diesel on a 50/50 mix. Makes my fuel work out at 95p/l overall which i can happily live with,

if using waste oil, it needs filtering exceptionally well!

i'll leave you to investigate for yourself if you wish to use a heating system, twin tank system, just chuck it in method etc

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I am brand new here, but may be able to help you with tips and tricks running your Landy on used veggie oil.

For 5 years I ran my Defender 130 on used oil as I built a largish process system that made 200 litres per day.

Ok, the old oil needs to be titrated going through stages breaking it down and then cleaned, and PH adjusted right.

Some tips: Use Chinese restaurant oil as they change it every 2 weeks, where your fish & chips shops use there oil until it looks and smells like vomit.

Trust me you will soon know where not to eat.!

Some bonuses of it all: A tank full of bio diesel use to cost me approximately $10.00 AU, all said and done.

My engine ran so quiet where there was no valve rattle and the performance was spectacular. Except for top end speed where the Landy levelled out around 115kph.

Anyways, I developed something for a company in the US and had to spend 4 months over there.

On my return back to Aussie, my Landy started to smoke bad and not sound right. only 90,000ks on the clock.

I pulled the engine completely down and the cylinders were worn bad, injectors totally stuffed, valve guides worn out.

Being a retired mechanic I was shocked that my diesel motor looked like it had done a million miles.

What happened? 2 things..... The fuel PH changed while sitting for this time, and the battery slowly discharged causing added corrosion.

Thats my story mate, and I am sure others will have more to add for you.

Best Regards Phil......

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