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manual or auro gearbox


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Im in the process of buying my first discovery a 1995 300tdi, and was wondering if there is any mayor difference between a manual and auto gearbox. the questions i have are.

1. how do they handle off road,

2. what is the fuel condumption difference

3. if it was your own money which would you go for

4. is there anything specific i should look for on a auto box, any strange noices etc

ive never owned a auto car obnly drove a few miles in a car with one so not sure what to look out for,

any help will be appreciated.

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1. The same pretty much. A bit more control with the manual, but prefer the auto as you don't have to dip the clutch in mud/sand, which can lead to getting stuck. Overall an auto makes offroading easier.

2. In my experience, auto was about 2mpg less than the manual. 27mpg in the Auto and 29mpg in the manual.

3. Auto. It would be an everyday car and I'm lazy in traffic.

4. Autos seem pretty reliable. But like any older vehicle you need to check how the oil looks plus clunky changes etc...

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