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I bought a new Def 90 my2010 E version, no radio

I want fit a set of speakers, can you let me know the correctly model in size width for the speaker

The car should be all prepared (ready to fit), on my Td5 the speaker are under the dash, are the same location for the new model?


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You may find none of the wiring is there ... not sure about the Puma but the Td5s were available in a non-radio version and it was also non-wiring so it was horribly inconvenient to fit a radio in them as you had to start from scratch including aerial etc. I've never seen a non-radio Puma.

The Puma has speakers under the dash and also in the back, so your easiest option would be to get the front spacers / rear housings and fit them in the factory locations. Any 100mm speaker will fit, I binned mine and put a better set of Kenwoods in the front, £30 for a pair will buy you something a lot better than the standard ones. I have a set of surface mount ones for the back of my 110 (Pioneer TS-44) but they are still in the garage...

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my Td5 no radio as standard (E version) only optional, but all was prepared, inclusive wiring/aerial/connection/speaker connection all was prepared as standard

when I bought the radio for the Td5 some years ago I just connected and sounds go

the Td5 only 2 speaker under the dash

the PUMA more speaker ??? on 90 ???

why you say about the spacer? Im thinking to buy 2 speaker 100mm and fit them directly on the case, or its not so?

how many speaker on the PUMA model E 90????

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