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Tyre choice?

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I have the opportunity to pick up some BFG Mud terrains at a good price and I was wondering if anyone has used them for trialling?

Most vehicles use diamond pattern tyres or the really aggressive "special track" design.

Any thought sor input gratefully received.



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the year I trialed on them I won overall so yeah there pretty good.

originals are better than remolds for dropping tire pressure as they hold shape better.

you didn't mention what size they were? i'm assuming 235/85

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Hi Thanks for the input, the tyres I am looking at are actually 265/85/16, do you think they will be too wide for trialling?

265 85 or 75?

there fine you just need to get some offset modulers or 8's for the front to increase your turning circle

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we have a good smattering of people in our trials club who run BFGs, remould normal mud terrains, machos/sahara type directionals, simex remoulds etc. cant say that any particular type massively outperforms another overall, depends on the terrain obviously - but we're talking RTVs here, not bottomless bog' challenge events!

one thing i would say is there are several types of terrain that the special tracks are rubbish on, but excel on others. Yesterdays trial with YORC at briercliffe quarry was a good mixture of mud, grass, loose shale and rocks. Top 5 vehicles wore genuine simex, bfg muds, insa sahara, bfg clone remoulds.

Driver skill on a properly set out trial will be more important than tyre type (within reason).

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