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td5 won't start after changing fuel pump...

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I dropped the tank on the 110 last night. Having got it back together, the truck started very briefly, but then died. It now won't start....

I have been through the priming procedure (turn it on, let the pump to it's stuff, turn off, repeat 6 times), and have attempted to start with my floor on the floor, but I am getting no sig of fiing whatsoever.

I have stripped down the Regulator housing, and cleaned (there was no sign of rubbish) re fitted, and again been through the priming procedure, but still nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other things I can check or bleed to get it to fire?

Any help much appreciated.



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I found this, apprently from the manual:

turn off the starter switch and wait for 15 seconds

turn the starter key to position 2 and wait for30 seconds

turn off the starter switch

repeat steps 2 and 3 six times

fully depress the accelerator pedal

keeping the pedal depressed,start cranking the engine

continue cranking the engine and as soon as the engine is running on all cylinders ease the accelator pedal back to approximately halfway and release the starter key the engine should now be running

if not do it all over again

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As has been stated, turn ignition on and depress throttle fully 5 times to start the purge cycle. Do this a few times until the pump noticably quietens and no more sloshing from reg / pump / filter is heard. Then crank in bursts of 20 seconds - it may take a number of battery charges to go. Try a jump start to boost the battery - if the ECU doesn't get enough voltage it won't fire the injectors.

Short of time now - will assist more tomorrow if required.

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Another method you could try if its accessible, is jumper 12v onto the fuel pump and let it run for a minute or so without cranking the engine. Then put it back to normal and try to start.

This means your not kicking the arse out of the battery winding the engine over while the system primes.

I did just this on my disco (albeit a carbed engine, but same principle) battery wasnt particularly great and wouldn't take much cranking, was already starting to flag after a few goes, so i jumpered the fuel pump relay for a minute and then turned the key and it fired right up.

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Well, after letting everything settle over night, and leaving the battery on charge, several goes at the automatic purging as described above, and some persistent cranking saw the truck back running again.

Just for future reference, the manual method described above, is exactly what the ECU does, but without most of the sitting turning it on and off.

Everyone's input is much appreciated.



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