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90 Spring question

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Just wondered if anyone might if these springs will go on my J plate 90? They are 390mm long and 416mm long.


Green and Yellow I think are Rear RR 170 lbs 16" - but RR have a load leveller :unsure:

Blue and Whites are very very soft at 133LBs and were fitted to Disco V8s mid 90s and late 80s RRs fronts

Most 90s need (big heavy diesel lunmps) around 15++ inch length and around 170-180 lbs fronts-

rears, depends on kit added, TC or hardtop, usage,etc - std 90 has around 15" again but near 230 lbs spring rates !

For what its worth, mine V8 90 cage 2 x winches and hydro tank, spares challenge wing winch bumper front and rear etc etc

has 17.8 inch 170 lbs front, and 178 18.18" rear plus 24mm spacer unit drive front and 1/2 spacer block driver rear to

make it sit level / slighly up drivers side

green and yelloes on the front are a possiblity IMHO, blue and whites - nope nowhere on your 90, even if you use the G&Y

on the front they won't sit level without work, and you've still tyhen got to balance the rears with

something suitable length and pondage



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