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Hiss on Brake servo / mastercylinder

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Hi all

Can anybody tell me if it normal to have a very light hissing sound come from the brake servo/master cylinder?

I have a bit of the powder coating come away from between where the master cylinder and the servo meets but I'm not sure if it has always made that noise.

I'm having no problems with the brakes as far as I am aware.

If it is a leak it is very tiny, can I get away with putting some sealant around it? or does it have a gasket on it? if so is it easy enough to do myself?

I'm not a mechanic but I have rebuilt a hub/swivel housing and replaced bushes and ball joints so I am quite handy that way.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks Roy

ps I have a 1995 landrover defender 110

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Hi Western it hasn't cracked by the bolt mounting holes it is the edge of where the two meet. It doesn't seem like it is an actual crack so much as where the powder coating has come away. It is the edge of the cylinder, where it meets the servo.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks for your help

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I've never heard of 300TDi servo's cracking. Where you describe - the two halves of the servo? Inside the servo drum is a big diaphragm, which is affected by the vaccuum created by the pump. The seal at that point is created by the edge of the diaphragm acting as the seal between the two halves od the drum, so if you have a leak there, then either there's a poor assembly fault there (most likeley), or the diaphragm has split - close to it's edge. You could try using something like RTV sealant/epoxy/araldite. Might work, but worth a try - considering the cost of a new servo.


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