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Suspension turrets

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Will these turrets and securing rings fit as a direct replacement for my standard turrets and rings on my 110 300tdi...



Im having my chassis swapped for a galv chassis and im going to be replacing my suspension springs and dampers at the same time. Im sticking with standard genuine suspension but thought I may as well fit galv turrets.

Are they a straight replacement? And are there any other suspension components I should replace?

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I'd be inclined to fit Gwyn Lewis turrets, he does them in std height, and they are imo a better design. You'll be able to clean round the top of the shock.

He also does galvanised rings iirc.

Perhaps also, seeing as the turret bolts aren't loaded in sheer, you could use stainless bolts?

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Thanks for the replies :)

Anderzander, Ill give Gwyn lewis a ring tomorrow.

Are there any other suspension parts I should be changing, obviously bushes is one. But will I need the spring retainers?

Many thanks

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