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punch and or winch challenge?

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hi all,im shouting this as loud as i can,would any body be interested in a punch and or winch challenge at the rusper site ?it could be the ultimate one.

in the next 2-3 months,if the interest is high enough we will arrange for this event to happen.

some help will be needed so dont be shy to offer your services,more information will follow in the next few weeks.if you are interested then please let us know,thanks.

all suggestions welcome but dont expect all to be concided dont know if thats spelt right,

so please let us know your interest so we can get on with preperations.

thanks from all at 28x4

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Yep, I wold be interested in something like that. Personally I would prefer something with a range of difficulties since I would like to be able to get maybe one or two at least!



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So where is the Rusper site then

hi ciderman,rusper is horsham in surrey,grid refs dial post farm

TQ19868 36671

hope this helps,thanks. any questions please dont hesitate to ask. 28x4

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Dear members

Re 28X4

punch/winch challenge at Rusper could you please email me via 28x4@lgbdesigns.com to get details...

can only put this on if get enough to cover the costs as private funding is now ended




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Whose moved Horsham from West Sussex into Surrey then?

Did I miss something on the news last week?

news can be like the bl**** weather...... :(:wacko::ph34r: B) :blink:

but your right to point this out.... :D Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4QX

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What date are you thinking,

we can't commit if we don't have a date to work with, give us some idear.

if it miss's the awdc rounds then i'll prob be in, depends on cost tho, how much is entry?

hi adrian,what are the dates for awdc rounds? will try and fit it around if poss,please let me know,asap,thanks,bob 28x4
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£80 per vehicle is OTT IMHO

£50 is steep but really as much as I'd pay and the site/company would have to be good for that.

add the £60+ for Fuel £20 Food/Drink it all adds up

The Event JST run was far more reasonably priced

as were the Slindon events I've attended.

CSW is £40 per event.

what is the general opinion of others?

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Next round is 10th june,

No round in july, August the 13th we start up again,

£80 entry :( no thanks, awdc's are £60 around, add fuel, food, over night stay

and your looking at £200ish

Depending on entry cost, other wise you can still count me in.

It'll be nice to get stuck into those ravines around the edge :lol: there dam steep.

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Well as many of you know I organise and run the HBROs "Mike Wolfe Memorial Winch Challenge event".

The entry was I think around £45, and ok you had to be a member (£25), BUT you do get a club mag, join a club, have the option to attend other events DRDs etc and get an exceptionally well written Club mag for a year :lol:

The price we charge has been mentioned as "Ok", any more and your into proving that you can run a top class / top quality event, and heres the rub. I would rather run as good a event as I can, (80 punches 40 entrants) charge a fair if not "Value for Money event - and then hopefully drivers will flock to enter again and again - seems to be the case, last event was the biggest yet, and with some 4x4 mag coverage it continues to grow - is this a fair comment you lot who entered, was it value for money ?....will you enter in 2007 ?

If so then I rest my case, and yes £80 is a lot - is it fully MSA / Insured etc, catering, toilets well marshalled well planned and organised with punches that will siut the entrants / level of skill - pedigree quality of event / punches / marshals organization etc would need to be up there with the very best. How big is the site, whats on offer, pedigree and quality are key at this sort of price, for a 1 day event its top draw money

For the "Best" type event forward planning will be required, these events (or at least IMHO the best ones) do not just happen on a whim, the organization behind them is MASSIVE - I KNOW this ! :huh: I am ALREADAY starting to plan the 2007 event FFS :lol:

Lets see how this develops, the attraction for me is this site is on my doorstep, :)


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For the "Best" type event forward planning will be required, these events (or at least IMHO the best ones) do not just happen on a whim, the organization behind them is MASSIVE - I KNOW this ! :huh: I am ALREADAY starting to plan the 2007 event FFS :lol:

Your turn up the day before and lay out some punches

Print and laminate some punch cards

Put the punch cards on

Give a briefing

Score the event

Pick up the punches

That's Massive Nige! ;););););););););););)

Steve :P

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why only 1 per year?

HBRO could handle more surley.

can I reserve a team place for 2007 anyway


Hiya, in reply reasons as follows :

1. HBRO is an ARC Club - the MWWCE is a Non ARC event, which we have to apply for a very (limited) special exemption certificate, still keeping full MSA APproval and Insurance etc - the others are used for DRDs open to the public in Non LR 4x4s etc, ....thats the way it goes

2. The MWWCE is a special event. It was designed to remember and honour a great guy who sadly died and was a friend to many in the club, supported by KCC (who Mike Owned), and is a 2Once a Year" special HD Winch event, hopefully with punches to keep everyone happy, from the "1st Timer" to the "seansoned Nutters amongst us"..this takes a lot of effort

3. time. Frankly the MWWCE takes me a HUGE amount iof time to organize, and thats with help from many within the club. We will continue to limit numbers, so that the field is filled quickly, and this only happends if :

4. The event has a "Credibility" badge. ie if you do just 1 event per year, AND make that event a "Event to remember" (for all the RIGHT reasons :lol: " then it organically grows, and filling the field with entrants etc is easier, the event also start to take on a "Reputaion" of its own and the word spreads, I have also so far mannaged to use a different site each year too !

5. The is a second "Mini" event later this year, this will however be a soft "Winch Challenge" / combo RTV / DRD etc, for entry levels etc, and ARC Only, the "Big One" will remain a once a year for all the above reasions plus

6. I don't wnat a divorce - which I could have should I do 2 :D

Seriously the reason its once a year is to make it one of the "I 'aint missing that cos its a dmaned great event" type of event.....

As I say, I am planning for next year, and have some ideas which if I can get sorted I will share in advance, and no I am not saying nuffin yet !

Your place is reserved !....


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Dear All,

Please note that nothing is yet set as we are still in the investigative stage of:

Cost; will be entrant friendly but not free

Date; will try to avoid clashing with other events

Single entry or teams

Level; Hard/difficult/extreme or easy, those who have used the site know how good it is

Prize; yes / no. Cup of tea /Trophy/money or a :)

Your views are important, as it will help to shape the event should it take place.

It will be the first on this site so lets make it one you want…………..


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My ideals

Cost; £30 -£40

Date; End Aug onwards, but not a CSW weekend!

Single entry

Level; Hard/difficult/extreme or easy - a mix of all with appropriate scoring so make that 2hr punch worth while ocmpared to the 2min drive in /out one.

Prize; Free entry to the next event?

Weather: No rain on the day preferred.

Company: good

Lunch: compulsary stop

times: early start, 15/1600hrs finish.

anyway just my thoughts

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Punches - 50 varying degrees so good for all levels

Single entry - other competitors can assist if stuck but no assistance to get a punch, i.e. using another vehicle as a ground anchor.

Timing - 9.30 start 12.30 lunch 1pm afternoon start 4pm finish works well

Scoring - Chris's, GBMUD, program that scores a punch based on how many vehicles got to it seems to work very well. Punch starts at say 500 and halves every time a person reaches it down to min of 25 points for example

Prize - a brand new quad bike would be something novel ;););)

Price - 35-40 is reasonable (150 if giving away quad bike :lol::lol: )

I personally think adding a tapped driving section to get say 2 punches is a good idea.

Some of these special stages where they have the biatch blindfolded, standing on one leg, one armed tied behind their back while crossing a ravine on a rope made of dental floss are a bit b*ll*cks in my opinion! :P



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