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Caliper repair kit

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Sorry - I can't answer your question, but having tried to 'clean/refurbish/fit a repair kit and pistons' to an old one, I would personally just buy a replacement calliper.

It took me the best part of a day to do one calliper and during that process I went through several outer-seal retainers and a lot of anger. I just couldn't get the buggers to go in straight! I got it done in the end, but then decided to get new callipers anyway.


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Thanks a lot Roger, but since my country is really far from UK (almost unpayable posting charges) and caliper are truly expensive for my rate exchange, I have to use the kits. However, I only have to change pistons, not all the o rings or joints..... so I hope there will be not as many troubles as you have.....

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It would, IMHO, be rather unwise not to change the seals when you already "is there". The only part that might cause trouble is the steel ring holding the dust seal in place. If you buy Genuine, I think they will get in place without problems. But - stay away from a pattern kit from Britpart... I bought these and even the sizes were wrong for a few of the items. Picking from two kits was needed to get one to fit. :rolleyes: Even with this bad start, the steel rings went in and stayed there with the help of a piece of flat iron and a carpenter's caliper.

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